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Political Equality

Following up on the previous post. The United States was founded as a “white man’s country.” Outside of New England, Americans didn’t believe in the political equality of the negro. Here are the dates that individual states took legislative action … Continue reading

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Voting Rights in New England

By 1855, only five states in the Union had not restricted the voting rights of free negroes: Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. In other words, New England. This and many other entries have been added to the … Continue reading

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James Madison’s War Message

James Madison’s war message which was used to justify the War of 1812 included the following paragraph about the “Native Americans”: … except for one paragraph, “the warfare just renewed by the savages on one of our extensive frontiers – … Continue reading

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The Indian Removal Act of 1830

At Firezone, a discussion of the origins of American anti-racism.

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New Entries

Lots of new entries from the Early National Period have been posted to the American Racial History Timeline. The older version is online at Firezone.

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The new/old forum is located here. Check it out.

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Chronicles in Spanish

I was going to write about this yesterday. Auster beat me to it. I have nothing to say aside from not being surprised in the least. Any political orientation (conservatism) that is not explicitly grounded in kinship and interest is worthless … Continue reading

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Occidental Dissent Forum

The Occidental Dissent forum has been restored. All the old posts and accounts are still there. I’m especially pleased to see that the original American Racial History Timeline (with hundreds of entries) is intact. The new address will be released … Continue reading

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