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Kunstler on his social vision: The sclerosis of American life is shocking. If you go further north up the Hudson River, to Fort Edward and Hudson Falls, you’ll see a nation that seems ready to crawl off and die. There, … Continue reading

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Correction: Reconstruction in New England

Free black males lost the right to vote in Connecticut and Rhode Island in 1818 and 1822 respectively. They got it back around the time of the Civil War. I have added many new entries to the American Racial History … Continue reading

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How Times Have Changed

A strong background in American history is the most thorough antidote that I know of to much of the nonsense that prevails in the mainstream. This touches upon the Tanstaafl vs. Auster dispute below.  In the nineteenth century, the term … Continue reading

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American Racial History Timeline

I have restarted the American Racial History Timeline. Feel free to add contributions.

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The Monroe Doctrine

As part of the Monroe Doctrine, the United States pledged not to intervene in European wars or “internal concerns.” I had forgotten that.

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Monroe’s Racial Views

Another excerpt from Howe’s What Hath God Wrought: But in his enthusiasm for American institutions, the incoming president got carried away. “And if we look to the condition of individuals what a proud spectacle does it exhibit! On whom has oppression … Continue reading

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Auster on Tanstaafl

At View From the Right, Larry Auster has a new tirade up against Tanstaafl: Or, when I speak of “Europeans” and “blacks,” am I being pro-European and anti-black, but if I instead write “whites” and “Negroes,” I’ve suddenly switched to … Continue reading

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KunstlerCast #23: One City Block – Part I

(Listen Here) James Howard Kunstler often describes Saratoga Springs N.Y. as a classic Main Street American town. In part one of this special program, we take to the streets of Saratoga to experience the sense of place in this small … Continue reading

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A post of mine from Hatewatch: Great Southern, If you want to post incendiary statistics, why not juxtapose the exact number of all the white-on-black lynchings that ever happened in America over a hundred year period next to, say, the … Continue reading

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Indian Removal

An excerpt on Indian removal from Daniel Walker Howe’s What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848: White attitudes toward the Native Americans varied. Some viewed them as hostile savages needing to be removed or even exterminated. More sympathetic … Continue reading

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