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July 2008


July 28, 2008 // 13 Comments

Kunstler on his social vision: The sclerosis of American life is shocking. If you go further north up the Hudson River, to Fort Edward and Hudson Falls, you’ll see a [...]

Correction: Reconstruction in New England

July 28, 2008 // 3 Comments

Free black males lost the right to vote in Connecticut and Rhode Island in 1818 and 1822 respectively. They got it back around the time of the Civil War. I have added many [...]

How Times Have Changed

July 24, 2008 // 1 Comment

A strong background in American history is the most thorough antidote that I know of to much of the nonsense that prevails in the mainstream. This touches upon the Tanstaafl [...]

The Monroe Doctrine

July 20, 2008 // 0 Comments

As part of the Monroe Doctrine, the United States pledged not to intervene in European wars or “internal concerns.” I had forgotten [...]

Monroe’s Racial Views

July 19, 2008 // 2 Comments

Another excerpt from Howe’s What Hath God Wrought: But in his enthusiasm for American institutions, the incoming president got carried away. “And if we look to [...]

Auster on Tanstaafl

July 19, 2008 // 1 Comment

At View From the Right, Larry Auster has a new tirade up against Tanstaafl: Or, when I speak of “Europeans” and “blacks,” am I being pro-European and [...]


July 18, 2008 // 1 Comment

A post of mine from Hatewatch: Great Southern, If you want to post incendiary statistics, why not juxtapose the exact number of all the white-on-black lynchings that ever [...]

Indian Removal

July 18, 2008 // 2 Comments

An excerpt on Indian removal from Daniel Walker Howe’s What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848: White attitudes toward the Native Americans [...]

Thinking About White Nationalism

July 17, 2008 // 2 Comments

Jim Kalb has some thoughts this morning about White Nationalism: The basic problem with the approach, of course, is that “whiteness” doesn’t have much to [...]


July 16, 2008 // 7 Comments

I’m currently enjoying Kunstler’s The Geography of Nowhere. Here’s an excerpt: This is quite an extraordinary thing. It can only be possible where people [...]

Zmirak’s Vanishing Act

July 15, 2008 // 3 Comments

John Zmirak is suffering from a profound, secret, half-rationalized, fundamentally religious decision – a wrong one – to remain childless and unmarried, unlike [...]

The Fall of Conservatism

July 14, 2008 // 4 Comments

Via Amitai Etzioni. In The New Yorker, a long article documenting the decline of the conservatism. By the end of the century, a movement inspired by sophisticated works such [...]

“White Supremacy”

July 14, 2008 // 8 Comments

A post of mine from the SPLC’s Hatewatch blog: Jonathan, the term “White Supremacy” or Supremacist was invented by the Jews as a form of pejoratived degratory [...]

Event Horizon

July 14, 2008 // 1 Comment

Kunstler’s latest: It’s hard to imagine what kind of melodramas were unspooling on the Hamptons lawns this weekend, while everybody else in America was watching [...]


July 13, 2008 // 6 Comments

Robert Lindsay on the stupidity of stereotypical anti-racist [...]

Reconstruction in New England

July 12, 2008 // 21 Comments

An excerpt from Michael Fitzgerald’s Splendid Failure: Postwar Reconstruction in the American South: By 1874 all of New England had outlawed de jure segregation in [...]

Heinberg Interview

July 12, 2008 // 2 Comments

An interview with Richard Heinberg on the accelerating rise of crude oil prices since mid-2007. At the New York Times, a graph of the varying impact of gas prices. The rural [...]

Boomers are Depressed

July 12, 2008 // 0 Comments

After radically altering the nature of Americanism, the Boomers are worried about the future as they start checking out on life. A new study by the Pew Research [...]


July 11, 2008 // 6 Comments

The second largest bank failure in U.S. history. In other news, the price of imports rose by 2.6% in June, up 20% overall above last year. More evidence that global shipping [...]

Obama, Oil, Iran

July 11, 2008 // 0 Comments

More on the Iran controversy: Calling the price of oil one of the world’s most “dangerous weapons,” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) on Friday [...]

KunstlerCast #22: Handicap Access

July 11, 2008 // 1 Comment

(Listen Here) James Howard Kunstler explores the consequences of handicap access regulations and how these codes have unintentionally promoted suburban sprawl throughout much [...]

Attacking Iran

July 11, 2008 // 3 Comments

At TakiMag, Roach has stirred up a tempest in a teapot by calling for an attack on Iran and suggesting that his fellow antiwar paleoconservatives are unmanly pacifists. [...]

Drivers Cut Gas Use to Five-Year Low

July 10, 2008 // 4 Comments

The recent slackening off in crude prices is probably being driven by demand destruction. Americans are using a 2003 level of gasoline in 2008. They are furious with their [...]

A Work Force Betrayed

July 10, 2008 // 0 Comments

A good article from Paul Craig Roberts in VDARE. McCain’s top economic advisor, Phil Gramm, has this to say about the American economy: The Times said Gramm said he [...]

Hitler on the War Between the States

July 10, 2008 // 8 Comments

Clyde Wilson and Thomas DiLorenzo are claiming that Hitler admired Lincoln. Actually, I recall him praising the Confederacy. He saw the loss of the Confederacy in the War [...]
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